Liquid hold-up correlations for trickle beds without gas flow

F. Larachi,* L. Belfares, I. Iliuta, B.P.A. Grandjean

Department of Chemical Engineering, Laval University, Québec, Canada G1K 7P4
*Corresponding author (Email:
Tel. 1-418-656-3566; Fax 1-418-656-5993

Chemical Engineering & Processing, 43(2004) 85-90

Dynamic and total liquid hold-up data required for trickle bed reactors without gas flow were gathered from the literature to generate an exhaustive database including over 1100 measurements. The slit model was satisfactorily representational of the evolution of the total liquid hold-up and yielded an average absolute relative error (AARE) of 21.3% for the gravity-driven liquid flow depicted in the database. Similarly, an alternate approach that combined artificial neural networks with dimensional analysis enabled derivation of an empirical dynamic liquid hold-up correlation hD = f(FrL, WeL, ReL, EoL) yielding an AARE = 14%.

liquid hold-up, trickle bed, slit model, neural network correlation

Errata:    Table 2


We acknowledge Prof. Graham Thorpe, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia  for his comment.


Download the simulator for computing the dynamic liquid holdup in TBR without gas:

You may also download our 
Excel worksheets simulators for  Trickle-bed or Flooded Bed reactors.

The neural correlation was developped with the software NNFit